A strange pattern why people most often die shortly before their birthday

(ORDO NEWS) — Statistics say that many people die either shortly before their birthday, or exactly on the day of the celebration. Someone may call this a coincidence, but the witch Alena Wormwood thinks differently.

The knowledgeable woman told why you should not go on any trips before the holiday, and also named the reasons for the death a month before the name day or within 40 days after them.

According to Alena Polyn, “the gates to the family” are opened on her birthday. A person completes a certain life cycle. It takes a certain amount of time to get energy for a new period. The past and the present merge. If the connection with the clan is strong, then a person becomes on the verge of life and death.

A person may feel internal discomfort, depression a month before birth and for a month after. Dull attention becomes the cause of fires, accidents and emergencies.

About a few months before the name day, start strengthening the immune system with vitamins, walk more in the fresh air. You shouldn’t get drunk on the holiday itself, as it can end in disaster. The universe should consider you as at birth and zero energy. You should not interrupt this process with alcohol and riotous behavior.


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