Physicists discovered the fifth force that affects the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — As part of the Muon g-2 project, it was found that the behavior of muons, elementary particles with a negative charge, is fraught with traces of the “new physics”. If this can be confirmed, then the Standard Model will be changed for the first time in half a century.

With the development of technology, experts are finding more and more evidence of the existence of a “new physics” that is capable of describing strange processes in outer space.

The Standard Model was last modified in the 1970s. Today it is clear that the existing provisions are incomplete, since they cannot describe all processes. For example, they do not explain gravity, dark matter, etc.

Our Universe is expanding with acceleration. According to experts, this is just a consequence of the fifth force. The cosmos is made of particles smaller than an atom. Experts believe that a special role belongs to muons, which are 200 times heavier.

During their acceleration in a circle, the vibration frequency of the particles turned out to be higher than expected. Most likely, the effect of the fifth force was observed.

Scientists find it difficult to answer what else the new force can influence, besides muons. Experiments and research are ongoing.


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