In Argentina, a mysterious pneumonia claimed the lives of two people

(ORDO NEWS) — No sooner had the world recovered from the coronavirus pandemic than outbreaks of monkeypox began to be recorded in various countries.

Until today, it was not possible to cope with the problem. At the same time, another threat appeared. An outbreak of a type of pneumonia unknown to science occurred in Argentina.

At the end of August, a patient with a very severe form of pneumonia was admitted to the clinic. Doctors conducted research, but could not establish what exactly caused the disease.

In just a few days, five more doctors became infected. They developed exactly the same symptoms as the first patient.

Mysterious pneumonia caused the death of two people. Three others are currently in the hospital and receiving treatment.

The condition of one of the patients was satisfactory, so he was sent home, where he must observe self-isolation.

During the treatment of patients, various studies were conducted in order to establish the cause of the disease.

The first signs of unknown pneumonia resembled infection with the coronavirus, but the tests conducted did not show the presence of the virus in the body.

Doctors then conducted additional tests for the presence of another 25 different viruses and infections. The results of all tests were negative.

Now doctors do not know what they are dealing with.

The most diverse options of what caused the mysterious pneumonia are considered. It can be viruses or bacteria. In addition, the causes can be toxic or environmental in nature.

At the same time, it was not noticed that the new type of pneumonia was spreading very quickly.

Most likely, transmission occurs through physical contact. At the same time, doctors do not rule out the risk of airborne infection.

The authorities of Argentina said that since August 22, no new cases of infection have been recorded in the country.


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