Immune system malfunctions in COVID-19 survivors

(ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus causes serious complications in the body. Scientists have not fully figured out how this happens. Cases have been recorded when patients who have undergone COVID-19 experience malfunctioning of the immune system. More specifically, the immune system attacks its own tissues and organs.

A possible cause of a malfunctioning immune system is how the coronavirus affects the immune system. It provokes the production of autoantibodies that attack their own body. This leads to inflammation and even the rejection of tissues and organs.

Scientists say that the more difficult a patient has undergone a coronavirus infection, the higher the risk that immunity will malfunction. The most dangerous are the first six months after a person has recovered from COVID-19.

Guillain-Baret syndrome is another complication. In this syndrome, the immune system begins to attack the peripheral nerves. Typical symptoms for Guillain-Baret: numbness of the feet and hands, muscle weakness, pain, etc.

Therefore, after being discharged from the hospital or after the coronavirus test showed that the patient is healthy, he still needs to be monitored for 6 months. Also among the possible complications: thrombosis and mucormycosis.


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