Green beam captured over Indonesian volcano Merapi

(ORDO NEWS) — A mysterious green beam was recorded over the Indonesian volcano Merapi. The photographer managed to capture him while he was above the mouth of the volcano. The picture was uploaded to social networks and quickly spread around the world. Whether these were aliens, or whether the ray was just a distortion of the image, remained a mystery for a long time.

Reported by The Sun Daily.

The most interesting thing happened next. After the beam disappeared, the volcano woke up. So far, it has not erupted, but the hot smoke rising above the vent surprised all the residents in the area. The photo got to the researchers. They debunked the alien myth.

In fact, the incomprehensible ray turned out to be just a meteorite. This is a trace from its fall, more precisely, magnesium in space, which was left after a meteorite. The photographer just happened to be in the right place at the right time. At that time, there were two whole meteor showers over Merapi: Eta-Aquarids and Arietids. There could be hundreds of such green rays in the sky.

Black smoke emanating from the volcano is a coincidence. Merapi last erupted on March 27, 2021. Prior to that, it erupted twice in 2020. Seismologists assure that there is no need to worry.


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