Half-human skull washed ashore in New Jersey

(ORDO NEWS) — A huge skull was thrown onto the shore of one of the beaches in New Jersey. The find was discovered in Island Beach Park. Park employees posted the photos on social networks. The administration of the park quite ironically signed the find. They wrote that many unusual items can be found on the coast after a storm.

This is reported by the Gazeta edition.

The skull had a strange pointed shape. Half a man’s height, about this height was a bone. No traces of flesh were found on the bone. In the first 24 hours after publication, the post received thousands of comments and likes. Social media users tried to guess who the skull might have belonged to. Many thought it was a whale that was eaten by sharks.

There were also more fantastic assumptions, for example, that this is the skull of a pterodactyl. There were also theories that it was a monster that escaped from the laboratory. The park administration decided to clarify and reported that it was a skull of a minke whale. These are such small whales that grow up to 7-8 meters and weigh 5 tons.

The cause of death of whales is still a mystery to the world of science. Their health and body characteristics allow them to easily live up to 200 years or more. What happened to this minke will forever remain a mystery.


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