If you want to quit smoking, now is the time

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — My friend and I made repairs. Everything went well – but my friend’s breaks for a smoke break slowed down the process. He smoked for many years, sometimes it came to a pack a day.

Once an hour he went outside and returned after a break. We continued the repair.

And then one day during the lunch break it dawned on me, and we had something like this conversation:

“You didn’t go out smoking today!”

– Well yes. I threw.

– Quit! Come on! When?

– This morning.

– This morning?! How?

– I arrived at the station and went on foot further. On the way, a gypsy began to beg for cigarettes from me. I gave him one and went on. And then I thought that I actually should not smoke. He returned and gave him the whole pack.

“And you don’t smoke anymore?”

– No. I threw.

It will be ten years from that repair. My friend does not smoke.

Now that the deadly epidemic is spreading all over the world and throughout Finland, there are more and more rumors.

However, we also have facts.

Smoking poses a great risk to a person who is infected with a coronavirus.

Many doctors talk about this Рfor example, an honorary professor Anssi Sovijärvi. Sovijärvi specializes in lungs and breathing.

Anssi Soviyarvi writes that in China “the coronavirus appeared more often and harder for smokers than non-smokers.”

This is an important fact. And although the number of smokers around the world has declined, one in seven Finnish people of working age still smokes. And half of the people in this group want to quit someday.

Yes, it’s time to quit. “Already a few days or weeks after quitting smoking, the mechanisms of protection of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract are restored,” writes Soviyarvi.

You can smoke if you want.

But if you want to quit, now is the time.

Not everyone can just give up in a split second like my friend, but that is understandable.

Utilise things like nicotine pouches, which can help you to withdraw from cigarettes.

The Shiro All White range, available at nicotine-pouches.com, contains nothing but plant-based fibre, nicotine, and natural flavour. So it’s a lot better for you than smoking and won’t put you at added risk from complications with coronavirus.

If you’re scared you’re going to struggle with quitting smoking, then maybe you should try vaping instead. Vapes are also better for you than smoking and can help you to quit too.

They are pretty sturdy and long-lasting, so you shouldn’t have any issues with them. Should they ever stop working, the chances are you will just need a new coil. If you have a Smok vape, you can purchase Smok Coils here.

If you feel confident you won’t struggle, then what are you waiting for? Now is the time.

Right now. Not after summer vacation, not after Easter, not tomorrow, not after this pack, no more “one more” and “this is the last”.

Throw right now.


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