If you want to be healthy, have a good breakfast

(ORDO NEWS) — Some people call breakfast a “golden meal”. Breakfast is our very first and most important meal, and skipping it is harmful to your body, says Sokhu. He tells readers what will happen to the body if you constantly refuse breakfast.

As we all know, a regular diet of three meals a day is very beneficial for our health, and of these three meals, breakfast is the most important. A good breakfast gives us strength for the whole day.

Polls show that 30% of working women eat breakfast only after arriving at work, and only 7% of women manage to have breakfast and even get up early to exercise; 50% of women leave for work immediately after waking up and do not have the habit of having breakfast at home.

Breakfast is the very first meal of the day. Some call it the “golden meal” because breakfast gives you vitality throughout the day. But many working women are always in a hurry in the morning, often wake up their alarm clock and are afraid of not getting to work in time. To save time, many people simply skip breakfast and, thanks to this, are not late.

In China, there is one saying: “Eat well in the morning, eat plenty in the afternoon, and eat little in the evening.” After a night’s sleep, people have almost no energy, because the blood glucose levels in the body at this time are quite low. Therefore, you need to eat breakfast to replenish energy reserves, otherwise the lack of glucose in the blood can lead to insufficient brain performance. People can feel tired, have difficulty concentrating, and even be confused and have slow reactions.

Skipping breakfast has many disadvantages. If you don’t eat in the morning, you won’t have the energy to work. Skipping breakfast for a long time will cause dry skin, wrinkles and anemia, leading to early skin aging. Skipping breakfast can also cause weight gain. If your stomach is empty for a long time, that is, the body will often starve for a long time, this can easily lead to the formation of gallstones. In addition, you may feel tired, tired, irritable, angry, and slow to react to what is happening around you.

Studies have shown that a healthy breakfast can not only provide the body with sufficient nutrients, but also improve mood – make people happy and relaxed, and reduce physical and mental stress. A good breakfast can effectively improve your memory and your learning ability. People who eat breakfast are less likely to develop diabetes than those who do not.

Breakfast should be nutritious: it can be foods rich in high-quality protein, vitamin C, carbohydrates. Liquid foods should be eaten more slowly to ensure a balanced diet.


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