Identified ethnic groups with higher mortality from COVID-19

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have identified ethnic groups for which a new type of coronavirus is most dangerous. So, black people have more than four times the chance of dying from COVID-19 than whites. This is stated in the report of the Office of National Statistics of Great Britain (ONS).

“Black men are 4.2 times more likely to die due to COVID-19 , black women are 4.3 times more likely than white men and women,” the report said. “People of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian ethnicity ethnicity and mixed ethnicity are at increased risk of death due to COVID-19.”

A corresponding study was conducted on behalf of the British authorities. Government experts previously suggested that mortality among coronavirus-infected people in different ethnic groups may vary.

The results of the study showed that differences in the mortality rate between ethnic groups are partly due to the socio-economic distress characteristic of a number of such groups. However, other factors are still not possible to determine.

The ONS report is based on death data recorded in England and Wales from March 2 to April 10 of this year.

Earlier, American researchers came to similar conclusions. Testing conducted in late April showed that the majority of coronavirus-infected people in the United States were African-Americans.

The Medical Oversight Service acknowledged that blacks are more at risk of catching COVID-19. As the United States Chief Medical Officer Jerome Adams said, he himself is at high risk along with other African Americans. According to CNN, he urged black citizens to do everything in their power to combat the spread of coronavirus.

As previously reported, the United Kingdom came first in Europe in terms of mortality from COVID-19 and in second place after the United States. According to Worldometers , the number of virus victims in the state has exceeded 30 thousand, the number of infected has exceeded 200 thousand.


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