Hypnosis specialist told what needs to be done before the beginning of 2021

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(ORDO NEWS) — Maris Saar is an Estonian therapist and hypnotist. She actively helps people, so she knows firsthand how difficult 2020 was. The woman voiced some tips that will help enter 2021 with new strength and energy.

First, it’s worth analyzing what 2020 brought you. Among the negative, there will definitely be positive moments. It is important to take into account the circumstances when analyzing gaps and achievements.

In other words, you simply could not go the other way when everything around did not dispose to it. People tend to criticize themselves more than praise themselves. This approach is definitely worth changing.

Maris recommends that you be lenient with failures, because they are part of life. You need to praise yourself simply for the fact that a certain stage in life has passed.

You should get enough rest and not take on many responsibilities. You don’t have to live for the sake of work, it is worth working to live. Try to get more pleasure from your activities.

The hypnotist was also advised to trust your intuition. If you feel like now is the perfect time for change, then it’s worth taking action. Otherwise, they will regret it later.


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