How to delete an Instagram account: detailed instructions

(ORDO NEWS) — Do you no longer want to use this application? Or suppose you would like to temporarily disconnect yourself from Instagram and close your account temporarily instead of deleting it permanently. In these cases, different methods work, and we will talk about them.

What should you know about deleting your account?

Instagram is one of the most social media apps in the world and one of the most addictive. With over 2 billion users, the photo-sharing platform is a great way to keep up with what friends and celebrities are up to. But it can be exhausting as the platform forces you to constantly post and take down stories.

If you want to kick the habit of wasting time on social media, you can delete or deactivate your Instagram account. The difference between the two options is that deleting your Instagram account is permanent while deactivation is temporary and allows you to restore your account later.

You may already be thinking about getting rid of your account. To do this, we have prepared a simple and understandable instruction.

You will be able to learn how to temporarily disable or permanently delete Instagram. Keep in mind that once you delete your account, this action cannot be undone. All your photos and account histories, including followers, likes and comments, will be permanently deleted. But thanks to backup, you can save photos and videos.

How to save Instagram account details?

1- Open “Instagram” and click on the “profile icon” in the bottom right corner.

2- Click the Menu icon in the top right corner, then click Settings at the bottom.

3- Select “Privacy and Security Options” from the menu, and then scroll down to “Download Data”.

4- Now enter your email address and click Request Download.

Instagram will email you a backup within 48 hours with the subject “Your Instagram Data” and a link to your backup that says “Download Data”.

Clicking on this on your mobile phone will redirect you to the Instagram app which will return to your default web browser where you will need to log into Instagram again. Once logged in, upload your data and you can happily save all your precious data.

The link provided by Instagram will only be active for 4 days from the time you receive the email.

So don’t forget to check your email and download the data. If you forgot to download, you should follow the process again.

How to permanently delete an Instagram account: step by step instructions

How to delete an Instagram account detailed instructions 2To delete or deactivate your Instagram account, you will need to use a web browser on your desktop or a web browser on your smartphone. You cannot do this through the mobile app.

1- On a desktop or mobile web browser, go to the Instagram website and sign in to your account using your username and password.

2- After logging in, go to the account deletion page ( delete your account page ).

3- Once on this page, select the reason why you are deleting your account from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

4- Once you select a reason for deletion, you will be prompted to re-enter your password.

5- Click “Permanently delete my account”.

Instagram notes that it will take a month to completely delete your data. Until then, your account will simply be hidden from prying eyes.

If you’re worried about permanently erasing everything or would rather just take a break from the social network, Instagram has a temporary deactivation option.

This allows users to disable their account for a specified period of time and return to it later, meaning that your profile, photos, videos, comments and likes will be hidden from other users while your account is deactivated and they will all reappear. when you decide to activate it.

How to temporarily disable an Instagram account?

How to delete an Instagram account detailed instructions 3

1- Sign in to your account on a computer or mobile browser, or use the app.

2- Click on the profile icon in the top right corner.

3- Then click “Edit Profile” at the top of the page.

4- Scroll down the page and click “Temporarily disable my account” in the bottom left corner.

5- Once on this page, select an answer from the drop-down menu under “Why are you deactivating your account?”.

6- Re-enter your password.

7- After you enter your password, a “Temporarily disable account” button will appear. Click on it and your account will be deactivated until you choose to reactivate it. It may take several hours for the changes to take effect.

To reactivate your account in the future, simply sign in to the Instagram app with your username and password.


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