New feature in Instagram: now your replies to stories will not be shown in direct

(ORDO NEWS) — Instagram is rolling out a new feature that deals with likes on stories. This feature will allow you to like someone’s Instagram story without sending users a private message.

The idea behind the developers was to offload private messages.

Previously, any response that you sent to someone on a story — whether it was a reaction emoji or a full message — was displayed as a message in the recipient’s direct.

With this new feature, you can leave a reaction to a story or a negative comment without clogging the user’s private messages.

“So now when you’re browsing Stories, there’s going to be a heart icon between the send message box and that little paper airplane, ” Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said in the video.

“And if you click on it, the author of this story received a like, and this like will appear in the watch list, and not in your correspondence with him.”

Notably, Stories will not count likes, which is quite different from the approach Instagram has taken for the main user feeds.

The social network, which is owned by Meta (which used to be Facebook), spent more than two years testing hiding the number of likes in the main feed before deciding to leave them on by default. Bloggers can hide them in their posts.

While you won’t see a public like count, you can open the list of people who’ve viewed your post and find out who rated your stories.

“The idea here is to make sure that people can express more support for each other and also clean up the direct a bit,” Mosseri said.


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