How more often men die from coronavirus than women

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the scientific journal Frontiers in Public Health, material was published that talks about a new study by scientists from Beijing Tongren Hospital. It showed how often men die from coronavirus than women.

So, despite the fact that the majority of the planet’s inhabitants can easily endure a new ailment, understanding the mechanisms that make people more prone to the severe course of the disease and death will help doctors deal with the correct treatment of people at risk.

As a result, scientists, having conducted an extensive study, came to the conclusion that men and women of the same age have different chances of dying from coronavirus – men on average were twice as likely to suffer the disease harder and die from the complications associated with it.

True, the authors of this work nevertheless note the fact that they examined a rather small sample and for more accurate data it is necessary to scale the study to a large group of patients.


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