How environmental changes affect the spread of viruses

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at the University of California found a direct link between environmental changes and the spread of dangerous viruses. Scientists began their research at a time when the whole world was already embraced by a coronavirus pandemic.

Researchers have found that any activity, including hunting, trading, or expanding farmland, contributes to human contact with wildlife. This ultimately leads to the release of various viruses.

Close contact with wildlife forces animals to seek new habitats, which only accelerates the spread of viruses. Scientists are sure that the spread of viruses directly depends on the growing activity of man. Viruses from animals are transmitted to humans, which leads to the spread of dangerous diseases among people, as well as the death of the animals themselves.

During the study, scientists analyzed data on more than 140 known viruses transmitted from animals to humans, and then studied information about the population and migration of certain animal species. It turned out that most of the viruses are transmitted from livestock to humans.


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