How do acne prolong life?

Perfect skin is not a reason for joy.

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Acne gives young people a lot of suffering, but their prospects are rather optimistic. No matter how strange it may sound, skin rashes are the guarantor of a long life and excellent appearance in adulthood.

This conclusion was made by scientists from King’s College London, and the results of their research were published in the journal Investigative Dermatology.

They studied skin samples taken from 1,120 twin women, a quarter of whom suffered from acne. It turned out that the latter are significantly longer than telomeres – the end sections of chromosomes.

They can be compared with plastic caps for heels that protect against wear. With age, telomeres decrease, and the stronger they are, the slower the signs of aging develop.

Interestingly, in pimple people, the p53 gene was also less pronounced, triggering apoptosis – controlled cell death. Scientists have to study this mechanism in more detail in order to find out whether it can be regulated and thereby influence the skin aging process.


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