Here’s Why Dogs look like their owners: You’ll be surprised how accurately this describes you

(ORDO NEWS) — Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and the similarity of dogs and owners is not always found. However, this is an indisputable fact, and this is how this effect is explained.

If you noticed this too, you must have been surprised. However, there is a fairly simple explanation for this phenomenon.

There is a common misconception that dogs tend to look like their owners. If you’ve heard of this, you’ve probably wondered if it’s true or not, and if so, why it’s happening. This can be especially true if you yourself have noticed that your friend’s pet or your own looks so much like their owners.

Why do dogs look like their owners?

First, it is important to look at the evidence regarding this issue. In 2009, Japanese psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima conducted an experiment to see if people could successfully match photos of dogs and their owners.

At the same time, as an additional task, he asked participants to distinguish real sets of images of dog owners from fake ones. In both cases, the results were statistically significant enough to conclude that there are still similarities between owners and pets.

Earlier research suggests that people tend to choose a pet that is similar to them in some way, further reinforcing this fact. But why is this happening?

The answer is quite simple: we prefer things that seem more familiar to us. This is a psychological phenomenon known as the familiarity effect. It could also explain why people still listen to radio stations that only play old tunes, or why people might be willing to read new versions of classic novels.

In this case, to tell if there is a resemblance between the dog and its owner, it is important to look at the face. The face is a key part of the body for our perception of ourselves.

Every morning we look at ourselves in the mirror to shave, fix our hair or apply makeup. Therefore, as with everything else that we have looked at many times, we can see in some dogs their own faces and characters, which may explain why we choose these pets.


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