A selection of the best videos for VR glasses complete immersion in another reality

(ORDO NEWS) — Among our selection, it will not be easy to choose the best video for virtual reality glasses, because these videos are devoted to different topics.

But they all offer to look at what is happening literally from all sides, look around and feel right in the center of events.

Video for VR allows you to feel like a fighter pilot

Modern technologies make it possible to realize, perhaps, any human dreams. If, as a child, you raved about the sky and wanted to become a fighter pilot, then one of the best videos for virtual reality glasses will help you fulfill your dream.

This video was produced with the support of the Swiss Air Force: pilot Nils Hammerl (Nils Hämmerl) at the controls of the F-5 in flight with partners in the Patrouille Suisse aerobatic team.

View from the cab. If anything, don’t be intimidated by the person sitting in the back, this is a correspondent for the Blick website, monitoring the operation of six GoPro Hero 4 cameras.

Why are the best videos for VR goggles related to travel?

It might seem incredible to our grandparents when they were young, but today we can travel without leaving our homes.

Travel videos for virtual reality glasses are a real storehouse, as they allow not only to enjoy the famous world attractions, saving the budget, but also show the most difficult places for a simple traveler.

Thanks to the video for VR, let’s go across the ocean, almost to the opposite side of the globe – to the shores of Lake Kashvinta in southern Alaska.

On September 28, 2016, photographer William Briscoe, who happened to be here, observed the aurora of stunning beauty – and the panoramic video he shot then captures this sense of scale and wonder quite well.

How videos for virtual glasses are changing our view of the world

Amazing nearby! You can argue as much as you like about whether the best videos for virtual reality glasses are just entertainment or real art, but one thing is certain – they definitely help us look at the world around us from a different angle. Sometimes in the truest sense of the word.

Our “panoramic journey” will end almost at home, in an ordinary office, which BuzzFeed operators showed through the eyes of different animals, from a human and a cat to a snake and even a fly. This video for VR is an extra reminder that looking around, we can notice a lot of interesting things.


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