Handshake strength, religiosity and 3 more signs of a potential centenarian

(ORDO NEWS) — Can we predict whether we will become centenarians? There are no 100% accurate signs, but some signs work.

For example, if a person prefers something healthier than fatty foods and buns, then most likely he will live longer than others. In addition, there are less obvious signs that promise a long life. Let’s talk about these signs of longevity.

Usually, if we imagine a centenarian, then a person is drawn in the imagination who leads an active lifestyle, eats right, has healthy habits, does not experience stress for a long time, and so on. However, scientists have found that in addition to observing the principles of a healthy lifestyle, less obvious features of a person can be signs of longevity.

Birth Order

Some studies confirm a direct link between the order of birth of a child, his health and longevity. It turned out that the first children, in comparison with the middle and younger ones, have an increased risk of developing leukemia and testicular cancer.

Handshake strength religiosity and 3 more signs of a potential centenarian 2They say that life is more difficult for older brothers and sisters, because parents learn how to deal with children on them. But it turned out that the health of the child, and, accordingly, longevity depends on the order of birth


The stronger your handshake, the longer a person will live, according to the authors of a study that lasted 25 years, in which 6,000 people aged 45 to 68 took part.

Every year, the researchers measured the handshake strength of the subjects, after which they noted their state of health. As a result, it turned out that people with the strongest handshake got sick less often and lived longer.

Handshake strength religiosity and 3 more signs of a potential centenarian 3In middle-aged and elderly people, the strength of the handshake is perhaps the main sign of longevity. And weak grip strength can, for example, indicate a risk of type II diabetes

Hair loss

If you’re losing hair rapidly, especially on the top of your head, it’s time to see a cardiologist: studies from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have confirmed that baldness is directly linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

If you go bald, then your risk of being in cardiology increases by 36%. Unfortunately, this is not a sign of longevity, but vice versa.

Handshake strength religiosity and 3 more signs of a potential centenarian 4Moreover, hair loss can indicate not only problems with the heart. Other causes of hair loss include diseases of the thyroid gland, skin, gastrointestinal tract and other organs that can prevent you from living a long life


Scientists have not yet found an answer to why this happens, but there is a direct correlation: people who regularly attend church end up living longer than those who do not.

Maybe the reason is a healthier lifestyle, maybe the support and fellowship that the religious community provides, or maybe the reduction of stress and anxiety – but the fact remains: religion not only promises eternal life, but also prolongs earthly life.

Handshake strength religiosity and 3 more signs of a potential centenarian 5Moreover, similar studies have repeatedly shown similar results. So in one of them, American scientists found that parishioners who actively participate in religious events feel happier – and such people usually live long

Finger length

Although these results look like a normal correlation, the authors of the study, which involved 4,500 men, argue that the length of the finger can determine the risk of developing cancer.

The researchers compared various biometric data of men over 60 years of age and found that those of the volunteers whose index finger was longer than the ring finger were one-third less likely to experience prostate cancer, and, accordingly, lived longer.

Handshake strength religiosity and 3 more signs of a potential centenarian 6There is also a theory about the finger index, according to which the level of human hormones depends on the ratio of the length of the index and ring fingers. And the correct production of these substances is also a sign of longevity


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