Girl running after ice cream van blew up the Net

(ORDO NEWS) — The story took place in Michigan. Little six-year-old Grace Hill was returning home with her sister and mother. Already on the territory of her yard, the girl heard the sounds of a truck. It was an ice cream van, such cars regularly drive the streets of the United States.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Hearing the sounds of a car with ice cream, Grace immediately rushed out of the house and literally in an instant was at the truck. The baby, like a terminator, in a couple of seconds covered the distance from the threshold of her house to ice cream. It has become a tradition for a child to buy their favorite “Oreo” treat.

A surveillance camera in the family’s yard filmed how the girl confidently ran after her favorite sweet. Social network users compared the child with the T-1000 terminator from the film “Terinator-2”. The video quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views and went viral.

Grace’s parents say she never misses the ice cream van. They also claim that the child always runs fast. Now they are thinking of giving her to athletics. The family enjoys reading hilarious comments. The video of Grace running will be a great addition to the family archive.


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