The capital of Mexico goes underground every year by half a meter

(ORDO NEWS) — Because of the pumping of groundwater, Mexico City goes underground. The largest city in North America is sinking due to pumping water. The American Geophysical Union in its report indicated that the problem is global in nature. The whole city goes underground: the districts and the historical center.

Reported by The Daily Mail.

The problem is that water from the aquifer has been pumped out in a controlled manner for centuries. The first subsidence began over 100 years ago. But they were inconsequential. As the city was built, and the water was pumped out, Mexico City began to go underground faster and faster.

Now, in a year, it sags by about half a meter. If even half a century ago the amount of pumped water resources affected the rate of subsidence, today the situation is uncontrollable.

The clay bottom under the city has already been compressed by 17%, Mexico City will continue to sink. This catastrophe can be stopped by raising the groundwater level by at least 30%. This needs to be done over the next 150 years.

Meanwhile, the metropolis of 21 million people simply cannot stop pumping water. You can create programs to save water costs. However, it can take a long time to develop an action plan and implement it.


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