Frightening statistics: 66% of New Yorkers with coronavirus were at home all the time

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, at a press conference noted that in 65% of cases, people who complied with the regime of self-isolation at home got coronavirus infection. They followed all warnings and did not go out onto the street unnecessarily.

The statistics are scary, Cuomo noted. 66% of people are retired and temporarily non-working people. Disappointing data were obtained after collecting information from 113 hospitals. A total of 1269 responses were analyzed.

18% of the sick were in nursing homes, 4% in rehabilitation centers for people aged and disabled, 2% in boarding houses, and 1% in prisons. The remaining shares fall on people who caught the infection in other places or at home.

The governor limited the operation of public transport to make sure that these people do not contact each other in it. As expected, the statistics remained the same. Almost all cases are citizens over the age of 51.

Cuomo focuses on the need to relax quarantine measures wisely. If you start quitting quarantine now, the number of infected people will increase to such an extent that hospitals cannot help them due to the lack of beds.


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