Four ways to enjoy the beauty of space in self-isolation

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Self-isolation – it’s time to think about the beautiful. For example, about space. We have compiled a selection of the most interesting “space” online services available at the moment.

They give an excellent opportunity to admire the views of unearthly beauty, without leaving home.

Broadcast from the ISS in high quality

A webcam installed by NASA aboard the International Space Station broadcasts views of the Earth and space around the clock . Sometimes in the frame you can see the globe, and sometimes – the impenetrable darkness of the Universe. During the day, the viewer can enjoy sunrise and sunset 16 times!

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Aurora Hunt

The Northern Lights Cam (Aurora Observation Camera) is installed at Churchill’s Northern Research Center in Canada. She broadcasts a view of the Arctic sky around the clock. Is it necessary to say that during the auroras it is a fantastic sight?

In the daytime, of course, enjoy heavenly illumination will not succeed. But, if you are lucky, you can see in the frame polar bears, which in this area live a great many.

The sky above the best telescopes

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) offers Internet users a range of webcasts running 24/7. For example, the camera is mounted on the observation platform ^ VLT, the world’s largest optical telescope.

The tool is located in Chile, in the high mountain Atacama desert with clean air. The viewer can see the exotic southern sky in all its glory. On moonless nights, the “abyss is full of stars,” and on the full moon the night is no wonder confused with the day.

The Milky Way over Bryce Canyon

The International Dark-Sky Association ( International Dark-Sky Association ) is looking for corners on the planet that are free from light pollution , and is seeking the authorities to give them the status of protected areas. Among them is Bryce Canyon National Park (USA). It is certified by the association as a dark sky park. This means that there you can fully admire the stars (a pleasure that residents of cities and large villages have long been deprived of).

The Google Arts & Culture internet platform provides access to a breathtaking, interactive, circular panorama of the sky above Bryce Canyon. Without leaving home, any Web user can enjoy the pristine “space landscape”.


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