Found a black hole that may be older than all stars and galaxies

(ORDO NEWS) — The recently noticed black hole, whose mass is 55 thousand times the mass of the Sun, could have arisen even before the appearance of the first stars and galaxies. According to experts, the body can be the “seed” of supermassive black holes and tell in detail the history of the formation of the Universe.

Astronomers are confident that the Milky Way contains 46 thousand black holes. Found significantly different from small objects that formed from stars and supermassive giants in the central regions of large galaxies.

As noted by experts from Monash University and the University of Melbourne, the black hole was formed in the early Universe before the appearance of stars and galactic structures.

It is possible that it was this object that gave rise to other black holes, which today “settled” in the hearts of every galaxy. The discovery makes it possible to make an approximate calculation of the number of black holes in the whole of the Universe. 30 years ago, scientists predicted this possibility, but did not have a starting point. Now, apparently, they have found her.


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