Godzilla vs. King Kong who will win scientifically

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2021, a film was released on television, which demonstrates the battle between two legendary creatures – Godzilla and King Kong. Fans of the film are actively arguing over who has the best chance of winning. Scientists decided to intervene in the discussion with their scientific approach to the issue.

All movie monsters have a natural origin: quite real creatures are taken as their basis, only multiplied and “modified” in terms of endurance and strength.

Graduate student Kirsten Formoso from the University of Southern California decided to study the functional morphology of creatures, namely the features of the skeleton and tissues. This made it possible to determine the biological benefits of each species.

Due to the huge size, the heart of a reptile and a mammal would not be able to pump blood to the head, creatures would have big problems with temperature regulation, processing nerve signals, etc. Suppose that animals somehow turned out to be viable.

Kong’s advantages are an upright bipedal posture, muscular legs adapted to walking and running, strong arms, thanks to which it becomes possible to use tools.

Godzilla feels more comfortable in the water, although it is very mobile on land. The massive, muscular tail helps maintain balance when Godzilla stands on his hind legs. The creature has three sharp thorns.

Kong is still faster and more agile, his hands are stronger. Godzilla can attack and defend with its tail, but the primate is quite capable of dodging from blows. Comte has an advantage in bite strength, but the lizard is not weak either.

As for Godzilla, do not forget her atomic breath and still incredibly powerful tail. Regardless of who comes out victorious, the battle promises to be historic.


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