Fossil lizard named after beer makers

(ORDO NEWS) — The fossil pangolin was named after the founders of a Nevada brewery that named its beer after it. Thus the circle is closed. This story is not easy, so you need to tell more.

At first, the beer was named after the fossil. Now, a new species of ancient lizard has been named after the manufacturer of this beer.

We are talking about the ichthyosaur, which dominated the earth’s oceans during the Triassic period. In 1993, the Great Basin Brewing Company released the Ichthyosaur IPA in honor of the extinct creature.

Now one of the oldest species of ichthyosaur has been named Cymbospondylus youngorum in honor of Tom and Bonda Young of the Great Basin Brewing Company.

Dinosaur remains have been found in northern Nevada. They are currently on display at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. The ichthyosaur was comparable in size to the sperm whale.


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