In the United States completed the program “Lord of the Ghost Fleet”

(ORDO NEWS) — Media reported that the United States Navy (Navy) closed the program “Lord of the Ghost Fleet”, which was developing robotic ships.

This program started in 2017. Within its framework, they managed to create four large unmanned surface vessels (LUSV). All these ships were handed over to the Navy.

Ships can go without crew and maintenance for a long time. As planned, these vessels were to be used by the US Navy in the Pacific region as a “deterrent” for Russia and China. The ships could act as floating warehouses and missile platforms.

“Military Review” recalls that in the fall of 2020, the American ship Ranger for the first time passed through the Panama Canal in unmanned mode. In the spring of 2021, the second ship of the Ghost Fleet, Nomad, made a similar mission.


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