Fishermen spent three days on a plastic tank in the sea

(ORDO NEWS) — The crew of a Panamanian cargo ship off the coast of Vietnam rescued eight fishermen who spent three days on the high seas, drifting on a plastic tank. It is reported by The Mirror.

A crew member of the cargo ship, Nguyen Chi Than, was the first to spot the fishermen in distress. “I saw an orange object in the sea.

I took a closer look and saw that these were several people in life jackets, ”he said. Fishermen clung to a large plastic tank and called for help.

The man reported what he saw to the captain, and the crew began a rescue operation.

The vessel swam up to the fishermen, and they were lifted aboard with a rope, and one of the fishermen had to be carried in his arms, as he lost consciousness due to a broken leg and severe bleeding.

After rendering assistance, his condition is assessed as stable.

All those rescued suffered from hunger and severe dehydration. After the fishermen rested and regained strength, the ship’s crew tried to ask them about what had happened, but they spoke only in their native language, so the circumstances under which they ended up on the high seas are unknown.

The captain of the ship informed the coast guard about the rescue of the fishermen and asked to arrange a meeting at the nearest port and help the fishermen return to their native country, Myanmar.

Vietnamese authorities launched an investigation. They contacted the Myanmar embassy about the incident.


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