Scientists have discovered that human skin is able to release air purifiers

(ORDO NEWS) — Chemists at the Max Planck Institute have found that human skin releases air purifiers.

Indoor ozone exposure produces highly reactive hydroxyl radicals, which are largely responsible for the oxidation of most pollutant gases.

This conclusion was reached by German chemists from the Max Planck Institute, according to an article by scientists in the publication Science.

During the study, experts found that high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals begin to form when a person is exposed to ozone. Testing took place in a climate-controlled stainless steel chamber.

It turned out that the squalene component contained in the sebum began to react with the release of the substance 6-MHO, which led to the formation of hydroxyl radicals.

The scientists also found that isoprene from exhaled air and its products of interaction with hydroxyl radicals also reacted with ozone, which caused more hydroxyl radicals to appear.

In their article, scientists drew attention to the fact that many people spend most of their time indoors.

Hydroxyl radicals, which oxidize pollutants in the air, are created when ozone is exposed to sunlight, but windows do a great job of filtering out UV and slowing down the formation of free radicals.

Conducted studies, as experts write, show that air ozonation can be an effective method for improving air quality in buildings.


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