Fatal infection deprives woman of legs and parts of arm

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Suddenly, 28-year-old Josie Wendel woke up on April 3, 2015 due to the intense heat. After a while, she began to feel muscle cramps in her legs. All relatives understood that something serious had happened.

Josie lived with her husband and child in a small village. The doctor after the examination said that hospitalization is needed. Moreover, the woman will be delivered by helicopter to the hospital, which is a few hours away by car. As it turned out, the American picked up necrotic fasciitis. This is a dangerous bacterial infection that causes tissue death.

Soon, a spot the size of a ball appeared on one leg, resembling a trace of a bruise. From the depressing look of the nurse, it was clear that everything was very bad. Despite the efforts of doctors, the leg had to be amputated.

While Wendel underwent numerous operations, her husband prepared a house to make it easier for a disabled person to move around. After his wife returned, it turned out that the story did not end: the disease “attacked” the hand. Fortunately, the doctors managed to remove only one muscle and tendons and put on a skin graft.

In total, the woman underwent 28 operations. She refused the prosthesis on her leg since it was painful to walk in it, so instead, she uses other means such as Power wheelchairs to get her around. Today, a woman gets used to a new life. Friends jokingly say that only Josie could be on the brink of death on Friday, and already on Sunday to return home.


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