Writers who predicted future events in their works

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Science fiction writers there are many. Their flight of fantasy has no limits. It is amazing how paintings that in the past seemed surrealistic are commonplace today. Some works predicted discoveries in the field of science, political moments and changes in everyday life.

If we analyze the technical sphere, we can recall the work “Ashlight of the Selene” by Igor Druchin. He described in it a device that the main characters wore on their wrists. The device was able to measure heart rate and other indicators of health, and also had a built-in beacon to track the location of the owner. The device resembles the modern fitness tracker with GPS.

Yuri Dolgushin first spoke of a mobile phone and an answering machine in The Miracle Generator (1939). The hero of history Nikolai Tungusov invents a means of communication, the prototype of which was introduced only in 1957 in the USSR.

Ray Bradbury’s 451 degrees Fahrenheit describes shells that we know today as headphones. The book mentions flat-panel TVs, a wireless headset, and more.

In the field of medicine, too, there were many predictions. Many remember Frankenstein, the hero of the eponymous work of Mary Shelley. In 1818, no one could have imagined that people would actually be reanimated by electricity, and they would also conduct organ transplants.

About nanobots that are able to diagnose a person, Ivan Efremov first spoke in 1959 in the collection “Heart of a Snake”.

John Branner was able to predict many things about America in 1968. In the work “Standing Everybody in Zanzibar,” Obama is described as president, electric cars traveling on the roads of the country, laser printers, satellite TV broadcasting, legalization of marijuana, and even the European Union, which was created 24 years later.

The examples above are countless. You can also mention the utopia “Look Back” by Edward Bellamy. In 1888, he suggested that ordinary money be replaced by credit cards. It is amazing how people with good imagination manage to predict the future.


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