Famous preacher predicted Trump’s election victory and an asteroid falling to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Pat Robertson, a very popular TV evangelist, saw a vision sent to him by God. The Almighty has warned about the future of the United States, which also applies to the rest of the world.

Robertson is the founder of the 700 Club Christian Broadcasting Network. On Tuesday he spoke about what God had told him about future events. So, Donald Trump will win in the upcoming elections. Probably, many Americans already understand this, because there is no other really strong candidate.

The new term for the President of the United States will be difficult: there will be two assassination attempts, civil unrest will begin, a war will be unleashed against Israel, which God will suppress.

A very large asteroid will fall on Earth, which will change the life of all mankind. Five years will pass quietly and measuredly before this terrible event. Most likely, the tragedy will be the word of God. The Almighty thus will prevent nuclear wars and other human battles. The Lord will not let us blow up the planet.

It is worth noting that Pat Robertson had previously made similar predictions: in 1976 he predicted the end of the world in 1982. Also in 1990, his book “New Millennium” was published, which describes the apocalyptic events on 04/29/2007. So far, nothing of the words of the TV evangelist has come true, so there are questions regarding his next vision.


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