The sea in the Arctic did not freeze for the first time in October the point of no return passed

(ORDO NEWS) — The Laptev Sea has always been considered a real “ice factory”, but in recent years it has undergone major changes. If the sea froze earlier, but later than usual, then this year the ice crust has not formed.

When ice forms on the sea, the ice blocks are carried by the current into the Arctic Ocean. According to scientists, usually the Laptev Sea freezes in mid-autumn and then begins to give ice to the Arctic Ocean in winter. During the last observations, scientists did not see any changes in comparison with the beginning of autumn.

Scientists are talking about the point of no return. The main reason for the absence of ice is global warming, the harmful effects of which are inevitable. A global climate crisis and the destruction of the Arctic are coming.

Experts analyzed the temperatures of the upper sea layers and came to the conclusion that they are several degrees higher than normal. Temperatures have also increased, said Julien Stroeve, a senior researcher at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado.

In the past, sea winds were the main force that contributed to the formation of ice. A change in the average temperature by several degrees disrupted all processes. If the trend continues, the Arctic will begin to collapse every year.

In the spring, the sea ice disappeared ahead of schedule. There is no ice at all in the new season, which is an alarming signal. What the Arctic will become over time is a difficult question. In the next decade, we will all witness the first ice-free summer in the Arctic. This has not happened for at least several tens of thousands of years.

Scientists note that now people underestimate the rate of temperature rise and its consequences. The glaciers began to actively melt, each time experts find new cracks and faults.


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