Factors that increase the risk of death of young people from COVID-19

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts named which pathologies can provoke a rather severe course of coronavirus among patients who have not yet turned 45 years old.

In addition, some of them may well even cause death or multiple consequences in the future. Reported by the Mayo Clinic.

Scientists analyzed medical records of 9.8 thousand patients who fell ill with coronavirus during March-September 2020. They compared the data on mortality with the presence of chronic diseases, which were identified even before the moment of infection.

Oncology has become the biggest threat. It was noted that young people not older than 45 years had cancer in their anamnesis.

Other diseases that can increase the risk of death from coronavirus include neurological disorders, endocrine, hematological pathologies, and coronary heart disease.

It is worth noting that the connection between these diseases and coronavirus in patients after 45 years was not so strong. Experts also noted that the risk group includes people who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses.

During the study, experts noticed that the race and even ethnic group of patients can also influence the number of deaths. For example, the highest death rates from coronavirus were recorded among Asians. Then there were dark-skinned patients and Hispanics.


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