Experts warn of Mars retrograde

(ORDO NEWS) — The Russians were warned of Mars retrograde between September 10 and November 14. An article about what not to do on these dates was published by People talk.

The planet becomes retrograde when it moves, as it were, in the opposite direction. It is noted that during such periods, people are prone to increased excitability, fussiness, and nervousness.

As the publication clarifies, in astrology, Mars is responsible for managing human anger, ego, and desires. Also, Mars is closer to the Earth than other planets, which can increase its influence. During Mars retrograde, low energy levels, lack of sexual desire, and increased aggression are possible.

Including during Mars retrograde, it is better to do old things, and not start a new one. So, the publication advises to close the old business but to refuse to launch new projects, as well as repairs. Astrologers also claim that after the departure of retrograde Mars, everything will work out, and they advise to postpone important plans to the last month of autumn.

On September 8, a way to safely fly to Mars was found. Researchers at Jackson’s Genomic Medicine Laboratory in Connecticut (USA) have found one way to prevent the loss of muscle mass in astronauts in zero gravity. They conducted an experiment with mice that were genetically modified and had doubled muscle mass.


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