Russian artificial intelligence worried about the Pentagon

(ORDO NEWS) — The United States fears Russia‘s use of the latest developments in future war zones.

The Pentagon is confident that in the near future Russia will begin deploying military systems based on artificial intelligence in future combat zones. Pentagon chief Mark Esper was puzzled by the question: how can you get ahead of Moscow?

At a virtual forum dedicated to the development of AI, the head of the Pentagon said that with the existing rivalry between powers, the latest technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of hostilities. Mark Esper urged to keep up with rivals, in particular from Russia and China, which, according to him, are at the same technical level as the United States.

According to Esper, Russia has announced the creation of autonomous systems based on artificial intelligence for aircraft, ground military equipment, nuclear submarines, and combat control systems. He is convinced that the above developments will soon be found in “future war zones.”

Earlier, billionaire Elon Musk warned that AI admitted to controlling systems could provoke World War III, and machines will triumph over humanity. Many people underestimate the capabilities of AI, which will become much smarter than the smartest person on the planet. Human versus AI will be at the same level as chimpanzees versus humans.

Musk believes that it is necessary to establish common rules for the whole world as soon as possible to ensure control over the development and implementation of AI. If the world community does not agree to install them, then it will be sheer madness.


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