Experts explained why coronavirus often affects people with the second blood group

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Talk that coronavirus is more dangerous for people with a certain blood type has been around for a long time. Statistics only confirm rumors and studies: infections between people with different blood groups are not evenly distributed.

The most vulnerable were citizens with the second group. A team of researchers from Kiel University on June 2 published a scientific paper explaining this point. It was found that the disease is affected by several mutations, which are most often found in people with the 2nd blood group. As a result, the proportion of such cases was very significant.

Earlier, Chinese doctors, and then Russian, spoke about the danger of the virus to residents with the second group. No research followed, so they decided to conduct German experts led by Andre Franke. It is important to note that the conclusions have not yet been criticized by independent experts and editors of scientific journals, so some conclusions may be false.

Real statistics say that there are more than 6.5 million cases in the world, of which nearly 390 thousand have died. People who have been ill with the virus receive immunity up to one year, regardless of blood type. As a rule, body protection lasts 3-6 months, sometimes a little longer.

Thus, people with a second blood group should be especially careful. This was confirmed in the FMBA centers. It is this group that is prevailing. Its carriers, as well as their environment, are in danger.


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