Everyone can use telepathy – But not everyone knows about it

(ORDO NEWS) — Welcome to my esoteric channel. I am currently writing a series of articles on thoughts. Let’s talk about one very interesting topic – telepathy.

That is, the transmission of thoughts at a distance. Most people consider this just another fiction, but in vain. After all, examples of telepathy can be found almost daily.

Let’s start with the most banal – you think about someone, and soon, and sometimes almost immediately, this person calls you. Or you are just going to say something, and the interlocutor voices your thought. This very often happens when dealing with close people.

“Well, what’s so strange about that?” – the reader may say – “just those with whom we communicate a lot think in a similar way”. But in reality, everything is more complicated. Many things that surround us seem trivial and obvious simply because we don’t think about them.

Take thought, for example – it generates not only physical processes in the brain, but also the movement of more subtle energies (I wrote a detailed article about this). Due to the fact that most people do not see these energies, it is believed that they do not exist. Nevertheless, as the famous expression says, thoughts are material.

Their “materiality” is expressed in the fact that a clearly formulated thought forms a clot of energy, which is also called a thought form . To better understand what a thought form is, imagine a child blowing bubbles.

To get a beautiful bubble, you must try to inflate it carefully. The same thing happens when we think – the more definite the thought, the clearer the outlines of the thought-form. Like a soap bubble, a thought-form separates from its creator, and for some time lives its own life. As a keen child is surrounded by soap bubbles, so a thinking person is surrounded by thought-forms.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when we communicate with others, they may involuntarily catch one of our “soap bubbles”. Then another question arises – why is it possible to “read” thoughts so rarely and selectively? The point here is in the mechanism by which this “reading” occurs. Thought is a very subtle energy.

This is a vibration that arises at the level of the human mental body (or “body of thought”). This is a subtle body, which is on a level higher than the astral body, or “body of emotions”. So, we will be able to literally see and read other people’s thoughts if we completely control our “body of thoughts” and learn to transfer our attention there.

For most people, this ability is not developed because all attention and energy is focused on the physical body. Once again, I will clarify an important point – information is always transmitted at the level of subtle bodies, just a small part of it descends into our “ordinary” consciousness.

Nevertheless, certain information from the “body of thoughts” still penetrates into our consciousness. We can partially “count” the thoughts of others, especially those directed towards us. Emotion is easier to feel because it is transmitted on a more gross level. But the thought, in certain circumstances, we may well feel. The closer a person is to us, the easier it is to read his thought.

Firstly, because there is a special bond between loved ones, which simplifies the transfer of energy of any type.

Secondly, because often a similar way of thinking, that is, people literally speak the same mental language and form similar thought forms. It is also much easier to understand people who think clearly. On the physical level, it looks like competent speech and detailed clarification of any issue, and on the energetic level it looks like clear thought forms.

Listening to an orator, teacher or acquaintance, at the level of subtle bodies we “decipher” his thought-forms, and the clearer information he conveyed, the easier it is for us to perceive it. The process of transmitting thoughts at the energy level looks like this. That is, the same telepathy that works with absolutely everyone.

At subtle levels, we are all very strongly interconnected and influence each other, constantly exchanging thoughts and emotions. Only, unfortunately, we are very little aware of this. Our “everyday” consciousness, if not developed in any way, lets in literally grains of information from our subtle bodies. That is why most people perceive telepathy not as an ordinary part of our life, but as an absurd invention ….


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