5 installations of the Tibetan Dalai Lama that are useful to everyone

(ORDO NEWS) — Some were fortunate enough to hear the teachings of the Dalai Lamas. They are not necessarily related to religion. These teachings are more related to lifestyle. These are the teachings that have made many think about the actions that are the result of the spiritual growth of generations. Often it is small actions that define a person.

So, below are five guidelines of the Dalai Lamas for the development of a full-fledged spiritual life.

Great love and great achievement take great risks

This requires sacrifices. Throwing into this adventure, a person should be ready to take risks or then ask himself all his life what would happen.

When a person loses, he does not lose a lesson

The duality between victory and defeat. When a person accepts defeat, is he really losing? Perhaps this is how life teaches that this is still not enough and you need to train more. You should not take losses as losses. After all, these are lessons from which you can benefit in order to then achieve your goals.

tibetskih dalaj lam

And besides, not getting what you want is sometimes a great success, as far as the lessons that life brings to a person. People often don’t understand this. The lack of winning a competition or the position a person hoped for can be perceived as a blow that defeats, or as a blow that encourages improvement every day. It all depends on what approach the person decides to apply to this.

Be attentive to the Earth

This is the place where everyone lives, and without it there is nothing and will not be.

We must remember this. Respect the environment and change whatever is necessary to reverse the effects of ignorance and indifference.

Follow three principles: respect for yourself, respect for others, and responsibility for all your actions

You need to respect your thoughts and choices, no one knows better than a person himself the reason that motivates him. Taking responsibility for one’s actions implies that a person chooses them with freedom, conscience and will.

In a conversation with a loved one, you need to discuss only the current situation, not remember the past

It’s funny how people love the most people they hurt the most. Conflicts are inevitable, otherwise everyone would live in hypocrisy and lies. When these events occur, you need to deal with the problem, and not other external and even irrelevant things.

Unfortunately, few people think about the above things. However, these are very wise and valuable attitudes that it would be useful to adopt.


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