Emergency regime was introduced in Chinese province of Yunnan due to bubonic plague

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, an emergency was declared after a three-year-old boy contracted the bubonic plague in the southwestern part of the country.

Infection with a dangerous disease was recorded in a small village in Yunnan province. This case was recorded last week. Officially, experts confirmed it only on Sunday. It should be noted that at the moment the condition of the infected child remains stable.

After the case was officially confirmed, the authorities immediately declared a level IV emergency in the region. Such actions are necessary in order to prevent the spread of a new pandemic in the future.

Earlier, in a village in Yunnan province, three dead rats were found, which died as a result of infection with the plague. This is precisely the reason that specialists began to conduct surveys in this area. It is worth noting that the rat infestation was also announced in the village of Sidin, which is located in Menghai.

Bubonic plague is a very dangerous bacterial disease that can be spread by fleas that live among rats and other rodents. An adult can die literally within a day after infection, if special treatment was not started on time.

The bubonic plague is also familiar to many as the Black Death. It was from her in the 14th century that almost 200 million people died.

It is worth noting that in August this year, a case of infection was also recorded in China in the northern region of Inner Mongolia.


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