Water on Mars: a network of underground lakes found under the planet’s surface

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(ORDO NEWS) — The next discoveries on the Red Planet surprised scientists, forcing them to rethink many things. As it turned out, there are a couple of liquid objects under the South Pole of Mars, which may be lakes.

Prior to new observations, astronomers believed that there was only a large salt lake on Mars. Now, it may be possible to find common life forms on the neighboring planet.

The discovery was made possible by the MARSIS radar, which studies the bowels and the ionosphere from the Mars Express spacecraft. Every time radar pulses emanate from the radar, they pass through the soil and ice caps of Mars. Due to this technology, it is possible to study in detail the Red Planet, without even contacting its surface.

Scientists discovered the first lake in 2018. Then it became the most ambitious and important. Experts hoped that they would soon find alien life. Now experts believe that there may be several lakes on Mars, and at least one contains the simplest forms of life.

All lakes are part of a peculiar system, noted a group of scientists from the University of Roma Tre, led by Elena Pettinelli. Lakes may not include water in our usual sense, but some hypersaline liquid with a peculiar composition. It is salt that prevents reservoirs from freezing in the harsh conditions characteristic of Mars.

Exploration of the Red Planet continues. The details of the research results will be announced a little later.


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