Elon Musk’s artificially intelligent humanoid robot to be unveiled in September

(ORDO NEWS) — The robot, called “Optimus”, developed by Tesla, is able to fully automate all jobs. Designed for “dangerous and boring” tasks in factories and other workplaces, the Optimus will be capable of carrying loads of up to 20kg, as well as a range of other simple tasks.

Standing 173 cm tall and weighing 57 kg, he will be able to walk at a speed of about 8 km/h and will be controlled by artificial intelligence to help him navigate and perform his duties.

If this all sounds a little scary, it is – there are countless sci-fi movies featuring humanoid robots that have rebelled against their creators.

Optimus will even look the part, reminiscent of something from the movie I, Robot.

Now, according to Elon Musk, the new robot, which was announced last year, will be unveiled at Tesla’s AI Day on September 30.

The version that will be shown at the exhibition will be just a prototype, but it will give us our first look at this frightening device and perhaps see how it walks and performs tasks.

Ultimately, robots like this one could even become a staple in the home – offering a way to do boring household chores like vacuuming while acting as an AI companion.


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