Water receded from the coast of Britain for an unknown reason

(ORDO NEWS) — The weather tsunami is likely the reason why the water in Pembrokeshire “leaked out of the harbor instead of flowing into it”, as two Welshmen observed.

Charles and Claire Davies, whose house overlooks Solva Harbor, noticed the strange movement of the water at a time when the tide should have been still low.

Scientists have linked the “unusually powerful” tides seen by the retired couple to a tsunami-like phenomenon caused by barometric pressure disturbances that are often associated with extreme weather events.

Mr Davies, 69, told WalesOnline: “The water seemed to be flowing out of the harbor rather than flowing in. We started to see this strange phenomenon as the water came and went and then came back again.”

Water receded from the coast of Britain for an unknown reason 2

It was around 8:50 am last Saturday when Mr. Davis and his wife were hit by big waves, which he says he has not seen in his 13 years of living in the area.

This event is even more mysterious as there were no reports of such activity that morning anywhere but this small corner of the Pembrokeshire coast.

However, after some searching, a member of Mr Davies’ family came across an article in the Irish Times about a tidal event that occurred at 2pm the same day and left West Cork residents stunned.

One of the owners of charter boats in the port of Courtmacsherry told the publication that he saw how the water “went the wrong way, it was supposed to come.”

He said, “The water came pouring in like a river. I’ve never seen anything like it before. The first thing you think is a ‘tsunami’ and to be honest, if the water had gone faster, I think we’d all be heading for the hills.” .

Mr Davis said: “If there were people in the water, swimming or kayaking, it would be quite a big deal for them, because an Olympic swimmer swims at five or six miles an hour, and this water moved much faster, I would say.

“They couldn’t keep up with her.”

Experts say the activity may have been triggered by meteotsunamis: large waves caused by disturbances in barometric pressure that are often associated with extreme weather events.


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