Elizabeth II is going to abdicate who will pass the throne

(ORDO NEWS) — For 69 years, Queen Elizabeth II has been a significant political figure in Great Britain. According to the latest news, the Queen is planning to abdicate the throne. There are enough reasons for this.

Monarch’s biographer Robert Jobson believes that the abdication could happen as early as next year, on the day of the 95th anniversary. Power is likely to pass to Prince Charles, who will soon turn 72.

Jobson’s view is shared by Jay Royston, a reporter for Newsweek. In his opinion, the queen herself does not want to leave, but circumstances, and age, force her. The moment when it is necessary to voluntarily transfer the country to the heir is approaching. Plus, it’s hard to tell your son straight in the face that he won’t be king.

Elizabeth II will turn 95 on April 21. She began to rule the country at the age of only 25, it happened in 1952 after the death of her father, George VI. Every second Saturday in June, the whole UK celebrates the birthday of its queen; this day is an official day off. On the second Saturday of the first summer month, a parade of guards is organized, during which the banner of the guards regiment is carried. The regiment is on guard duty at Buckingham Palace.

The post of Elizabeth II is to be taken by her eldest son, Charles. Then power will pass to his son George. It is in this order that the transfer of power can be expected in the coming decades. The British and the whole world together with them are waiting for the birthday of their queen to find out the further development of events.


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