Ecologists have discovered a deadly threat to millions of people

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists on the eve of the 27th UN Conference on Climate Change announced the danger threatening tens of millions of people.

We are talking about the disappearance of ice in the Arctic during the summer periods.

Experts note that within ten years the Arctic can be completely free of ice, which will be a real disaster for a huge number of people.

According to Julie Brigham-Gretta, an employee of the University of Massachusetts, nothing can be done about this, since the Arctic has already warmed up so much in recent years.

Reducing the amount of ice, scientists believe, will open the Arctic Ocean, which will absorb heat. In turn, the ocean will then release it into the environment, which will increase global warming.

Climatologist Johan Rokstrom warned earlier that in half a century humanity is threatened with such serious climate changes that mass migration will begin from a number of regions.

The scientist suggests that an increase in the average annual temperature by 2.4 degrees can lead to catastrophic consequences.

He stated that global warming will create new living conditions. But part of the planet may become virtually uninhabitable.

Rockstrom assumed that by 2070, most of the regions in the equatorial zone will become so “hot” that weather conditions will directly threaten human life.

Real heat can descend on Brazil, India, Africa and the Middle East, and medieval temperatures can exceed 30 degrees.


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