Does 5G harm human health?

(ORDO NEWS) — Opponents of 5G implementation cite dubious studies on the dangers of next-generation mobile communications. Scientific American explains why you shouldn’t panic.

In October 2019, Scientific American published an article by UC Berkeley professor Joel Moskowitz. He noted that the introduction of 5G could lead to an increase in the number of people with cancer, so the launch of a new generation of mobile communications must be boycotted. A week and a half later, the publication published material in which it opposed the professor’s point of view.

Moskovitz’s theory has no evidence base. Scientific research carried out in recent years, including by the WHO, has not confirmed the harm of mobile communications to health. The professor builds on a study from the National Toxicology Program conducted in 2018. It allegedly discovered an increased incidence of cancer in rats exposed to high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The findings were denied by more competent experts, but the hype around 5G has not yet subsided.

The researchers also found that male rats lived longer than male rats that were not exposed to high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Of course, it would be a mistake to say that electromagnetic waves increase lifespan. Nevertheless, the fact that opponents of 5G hide this detail and try not to disclose it says a lot.

The position of Moskovitz and other opponents of 5G is radical and at odds with the opinion of the WHO and other authoritative bodies. And the fact that these “alarmists” cannot bring convincing arguments in their defense is quite indicative.


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