Doctors said that it is better to drink coffee or tea in the morning

(ORDO NEWS) — Salted, every person starts his day with a cup of some aromatic drink. Some people prefer to drink coffee, others choose tea.

Doctors told about what is better to drink in the morning, and what should be avoided in order not to harm your health.

How morning coffee affects a person

Most people prefer coffee due to the fact that this drink wakes up well. In total, one cup of fresh coffee contains 80-115 milligrams of caffeine.

At the same time, a cup of tea can contain an average of 40 mg of caffeine. It is worth paying attention to the fact that these conclusions are not unambiguous.

Scientists have conducted quite a lot of research, the results of which have shown that tea can be as invigorating as coffee.

At this point, the strength of the brew and the preferences of each person are very much affected.

The Ministry of Health has provided information on the fact that coffee significantly reduces the risk of developing liver cancer in those people who are carriers of the hepatitis C virus – by approximately 40%.

If you drink coffee regularly, you can additionally reduce the probability of premature death by 15%.

Do not forget that coffee can dehydrate the body very much.

That is why after every cup of coffee you should drink another glass of water. The advantage of the drink is that caffeine can significantly increase mood.

Is it good to drink tea in the morning?

Tea contains substances that have a positive effect on the elasticity of blood vessels, making them less fragile.

This, in turn, acts as an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. In addition, the drink expands blood vessels and eliminates spasms, normalizes blood circulation.

A good quality green tea has about the same amount of caffeine as a strong espresso.

At the same time, the drink is able to have a milder effect on the body and at the same time not cause overexcitation of the nervous system.

A glass of water on an empty stomach

Regardless of what a person chooses, the first thing in the morning he should drink warm water. This will allow the gastrointestinal tract to start and prepare the body for full-fledged work.

You should not add honey or lemon to the water, because this can cause the release of a large amount of bile.


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