Doctors and military in December can get a vaccine against coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — The number of cases worldwide is increasing, so the UK authorities are now doing everything possible to get the vaccine out in the near future. It is known that the tool can see the light of day before Catholic Christmas. The first to be vaccinated will be doctors and the military.

NHS Trust staff received a letter from management stating that the Health Service is actively preparing for vaccinations before Christmas. The authorities have prepared a series of documents that will bypass the EU approval if the vaccine is ready after Brexit ends on December 31.

Since March, Great Britain has endured severe social restrictions, and not all citizens can withstand them. The vaccine will finally change the rules of the game. Glen Burleigh, director of the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust (Warwickshire), noted that they were told to be ready to vaccinate citizens in early December.

The product under development includes two vaccines that are administered at intervals of 28 days. The Minister of Health has prepared papers that deprive the European Union of the right to approve a vaccine. If the documents are accepted, the campaign will start much earlier. At the same time, it is worth noting that many politicians are still convinced that the vaccine should be expected in early 2021.

On October 16, 2012, the Regulation on Medicines entered into force in the country, under which control over the drugs used should be carried out by European specialists. Britain no longer sees the point in this.

Many countries are guided by Britain, adopting its experience in the fight against coronavirus. We can expect that in other countries, mass vaccination will begin, if not this year, then already in January 2021.


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