Astronomers spot a mysterious 17-meter object in a lunar crater

(ORDO NEWS) — Earlier, we wrote about the incredible discovery on the moon, in honor of which NASA decided to organize a press conference on October 26. It became known that the reason for the excitement was a very mysterious find in a crater 17 meters long.

The space agency’s orbiter was scanning some lunar lowland – the Lunar Sea. Scientists, when they got the pictures, noticed a crater 40 meters wide. According to Peter Schultz, a member of the Apollo mission, astronomers were confused because the crater was unlike any other. In addition, inside the depression there was a mysterious object 17 meters long.

Peter Schultz believes that scientists are faced with “something else.” Experts ruled out the option of a meteorite falling, since the crater is not round. Planetary scientist Matt Genge believes that the picture shows the trail of the failed Apollo mission.

40 years ago, NASA conducted a strange experiment: On April 19, 1972, the Apollo 16 astronauts dropped an S-IVB rocket. The object crashed against the lunar surface. The crew wanted to measure the shock waves, which would help to study the internal structure of our natural satellite in more detail.

In 2017, it turned out to study the object in the crater in more detail. 17 meters is exactly the size of the dropped launch vehicle. Most likely, after so many years, the mystery of the Apollo mission has finally been solved. The missile was tough enough to withstand the impact.


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