Divers find human remains that belonged to a woman who disappeared 40 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — On August 6, in the city of New Hapshire, a car was found by divers, and it contained human remains. Most likely, they belong to the woman who disappeared without a trace 43 years ago. The car sank in a local river and was discovered quite by accident.

Reported by CNN.

The police are sure that the sunken car was driven by Alberta Liman, who at the time of her disappearance was 63 years old. She disappeared at the end of July 1978. The vehicle was in the Connecticut River, which flows just off the road. At that time, the car was registered directly at Liman.

Divers noted that the car was overturned and about half buried in the sand. Most likely, this has been happening for several decades. The vehicle was found using modern equipment. At the moment, the police do not make an official statement as to who owns the remains. Information about this will be provided after they complete the identification.

Also, the authorities are trying to establish how exactly the car got into the river. It is worth noting that the police do not consider Lyman’s disappearance to be strange. The woman’s relatives, in turn, said that on the day of the loss, she left all her belongings at home. Lyman didn’t even take her wallet with her.

The divers were watched by Nancy McLain, who is the daughter of the missing. She added that the search will not stop until she finds out what happened to her mother.


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