UN experts said the Earth is warming up faster than previously thought

(ORDO NEWS) — UN experts have provided another report on how the average temperature on our planet is increasing. Experts noted the fact that the Earth is heating up very rapidly and this process is going much faster than previously thought.

To date, the temperature has increased by 1.1 degrees. In this case, the critical indicator is 1.5 degrees. It is global warming that provokes the emergence of hurricanes, forest fires and heavy rains in different regions of the planet.

Scientists say that you can still try to stop the rapid climate change, but not the fact that something will come of it. Reported by CNN.

Dave Ray noted that the presented report is in fact a story about a real catastrophe that is being observed today. There have already been changes in nature that cannot be reversed. Measures must be taken urgently, otherwise nothing really can be changed and mankind will only have to wait for a climatic catastrophe.

A report provided by experts in 2018 talked about effective methods to combat global warming. Then scientists called the mark of 1.5 degrees critical.

This is the average temperature on the planet that can rise as early as 2050. If the indicator increases even more, then it will not be possible to avoid a catastrophe.

It should be noted that the Paris Agreement was signed back in 2015. Under this treaty, countries were supposed to do everything possible to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, but the end result never came to fruition.


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